We are a small, family owned pasta company located in Colac, Western Victoria.

Our journey began over 10 years ago — born of the simple need of a stay-at-home dad, Steve — to create wholesome, quick to prepare food that his family would love.

Our Story

The chickens that produce our eggs freely roam rich pastures all day long. This not only provides us with a deliciously, nutritious egg, it is also makes for happy chooks! 

All of our pasta products and sauces are made using tried-and-true traditional methods to give that classic flavour and tender texture that we're after.

From eggs and wheat to potatoes and tomatoes, the ingredients used in our pasta and sauces are grown and sourced locally from the highest quality producers.

Quality Ingredients, Traditional Methods

Using only the finest Australian ingredients in our products is an integral part of creating a silky smooth, delicious and nutritious pasta for you and your family to enjoy. Our flour, potatoes, tomatoes, and true free range eggs used in our products are sourced exclusively from local quality producers — perfect for pasta! 

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