Our Story

How It Started


I needed a fresh, quick, great tasting wholesome food that my family would love— and that’s how it started....

Being a full time stay-at-home Dad,  with a passion for great-tasting, nutritious, quick to prepare food. Pasta was the perfect food. I started making pasta at home 10 years ago, my family loved it and so did I. I used only the freshest “true” free-range eggs and the best flour I could get my hands on.

I started making big batches and freezing it so I had a quick dinner option when things were busy. Then one day my beloved (yet small) pasta machine decided it had had enough. Searching on the internet, I found a small 40-year-old commercial machine for sale. I wanted it. 

I got it home and started churning out more pasta than I would ever need. I gave lots away, everyone loved it. They said “you should sell this stuff, it’s great!” I said “No way, I don’t have time for that.” Famous last words....

Here we are 10 years on, having relocated from my back shed to a factory, supplying pasta for you and your family to enjoy and I love it!

Purchasing our pasta means I can continue to indulge my passion for creating great-tasting, nutritious, quick to prepare food for you to enjoy.



The Ingredients

Our traditional pasta contains only the finest Australian Ingredients — Eggs, Flour, Olive Oil, Salt and Water. With the help of our Italian pasta machine we combine all these ingredients to make a silky smooth, nutritious and delicious pasta.


The Eggs 

We source all our eggs locally from 2 family farms. The chickens that produce the eggs are not just free range, they freely roam the pastures all day long. This method of farming not only provides us with a deliciously nutritious egg, it is also great for the chickens.


The Flour

We use 2 types of flour in our pasta. Durum Wheat Semolina and“00” flour. All the flour comes from a region in NSW called The Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is one of the premium hard wheat growing regions in Australia. The wheat season generally finishes dry and hot which creates a grain that is high in protein. Perfect for pasta. We then add a little “00” flour which helps to give our pasta a silky smooth texture.


The Rest

Lastly we add some Victorian Organic Olive Oil and a little salt.